I have been seeking, at the very least, decent pizza, for a long time. My search is over. Real veggie slices. Crust that isn't cheap bread dough. A sauce that's a little sassy. Cheese that I don't have to try to identify or pretend is mozzerella. SLICED veggies and not chopped up, to completely ruin the texture of and therefore the entire pizza.

A major win, for Lynchburg.

The Gyros are great, as well and they pronounce the word correctly and not mock me for saying it right.

Home made salad dressings. Perfect.

The setup is done very well. Reminds me of the piza joints I grew up in, up north. I keep expecting Bruno or Vinnie to walk out of the back.

Bada Bing! If you've not tried this yet, you are sorely missing out.

Was craving spaghetti, so stopped here for lunch. It was delicious! Salad had homemade ranch dressing. Spaghetti sauce was flavorful and the meatballs were very tasty! Highly recommend!!!

Great food

We noticed good reviews and decided to take a chance. I am so glad that we did! The food was very good. We ordered a pizza, calzone, and pasta with meatballs (kids) which everyone was thrilled with. The pizza and calzone had perfect crusts, the way we like them, where there was a slight toasted outer and warm soft center. The toppings/fillings tasted fresh and where good sized. This was the style of pizza and calzone I was used to in NJ/NY. Place is very clean and inviting plus the people working were extremely nice and accommodating.

My husband and I are from NY and therefore kind of choosy about where we get our pizza. Ever since discovering Brothers Pizza & Grill it is our go to pizza place! It’s perfect NY style pizza and their service is quick and friendly! Our only regret is telling how many people how much we love them because they seem to be much busier now � Keep up the great work guys!

Lynchburg, you have a new favorite pizza joint. We actually have some really good New York style pizza in the area (I’m one of those folks from NY who can’t help but think of themselves as an authority on this topic), but this one tops them all. I just happened to see this new shop the other day when I was leaving the new location of the Indo Pak grocery on Timberlake. So I read a few of the reviews here on Yelp and thought it was at least worth a try. The result? We will no longer be getting our pizza anywhere in else in town. We know we need to explore the menu more, but the pizza itself is just so good

Tried it for the 1st time tonight. Absolutely the BEST pizza I've ever had; will definitely be back to try some of the entrees!

I was in the Timberlake area for work and decided to try out this new Italian/Greek restaurant. I ordered the Chicken Souvlaki sandwich and was surprised to get a nice size sandwich with fries. The chicken was grilled to perfection with the right amount of seasoning and was a generous portion. The Pita was very fresh. It was delicious! The owner of the restaurant was very nice, as well. I am very pleased to have Greek food options in Lynchburg! I will be back for more!

Really good pizza and not greasy at all and thats rare nowadays and the server was very friendly will definitely be back!

I've been twice now and both times I've ordered their bacon cheese burger with white American cheese. It's delicious! It comes with fries and a drink for under $8. The fries are always hot and crispy. We even got free apple pie this last visit! Yum!! Highly recommend going!

we discovered Brothers Pizza due to its convenient location and needing a quick dinner after my mom had surgery. so glad we discovered them because the pizza was the best!! Two weeks later and we're reading about how they won best pizza in Virginia??! We were already loyal customers! 😂 That just clinched it. Nice to have an authentic pizza place in Lynchburg.

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